Membership Purchase Success

Congratulations, you've successfully purchased the membership!



  1)Purchase the membership of your choice. 

  2)You will receive an email to activate your account with Crimson & Coral. Follow the steps provided in the email. If you're a previous member, you can use your previous login and password, you don't need to set up a new account. 

  3) Once you have your account set up, log into the website using your new password

  4) Click on the pull down menu at the top right of the page under the                 Subscription Bundles tab. Click on "Download your monthly designs" or, you can click HERE

   5) Click on the correct membership option and you will be taken to a page with at least 25 new designs. You get to choose either 9 or 16 items to download at no additional charge.  For Sapphire members, you will find a discount code at the top of that page to use when checking out to receive your 9 items at no cost. You must have at least 9 items in your cart for the code to be work. Any additional items are only $1.25. For Emerald members, your discount will be automatically applied during checkout as long as you have at least 16 items in your cart. 

   6) In the future, each month you will receive an email with the link to choose your monthly designs. Don't forget to log into the Crimson & Coral website to be able to download your files because these aren't available to anyone who hasn't purchased the subscription.