Sapphire Membership


 The SAPPHIRE subscription is $8/ month

This membership includes your choice of 9 designs per month.

You can choose additional designs to download for only $1.25 ea. 

I have several design styles and types to choose from. 

You will see designs for: tees, tumblers, earrings, door hangers, mugs.. and so much more. 

You can cancel at any time. 

Once you purchase your subscription you will create an account. Make sure you're logged into that account each time you come to this website and you can edit your subscription yourself. You can cancel at any time and change payment info. Don't worry, I don't have any access to your payment info. But if you need help with anything else don't hesitate to reach out:

Doors open for new members: June 15th - 18th



  1)Purchase either the Sapphire or the Emerald Subscription. 
  2)You will receive an email to activate your account with Crimson & Coral. Follow the steps provided in the email. (if you're a previous subscriber, you will already have a login name and password. You can use the name/ password that you used before. You don't have to set up a new login name)
  3) Once you have your account set up, log into the website using your new password
  4) Click on the "members" pull down menu and click on "members only designs." This will take you to a page that includes the current BRAND NEW designs, the older design vault, the freebies and the Bonus Bundles. Make sure you're logged into your account and start shopping. 
   5) You can always download the freebies at no charge any time you want. Once you're ready to download your 9 items at no additional cost, make sure you have at least 9 items (NOT including freebies) in your cart and use the code that I provide you through email each month. If you see additional designs that you'd like - you can add those to your cart as well. 

   6) As long as you have 9 items in your cart that say $1.25, they will all turn free once you enter the code that I provide you. The items that cost $0 DON'T COUNT TOWARD YOUR 9 ITEMS. You have to choose 9 items for the cart to turn free. If you've chosen additional items besides your 9 free items, you will be charged for only those additional items (even though you may see the price divided up between all items, you are only paying for the additional items if you've chosen any. You're still getting 9 items for free)
   6) In the future, each month you will receive an email with discount code, as I change the code every month. Don't forget to log into the Crimson & Coral website to be able to download your files because these aren't available to anyone who hasn't purchased the subscription. 

 If you'd like to cancel your subscription you can do that from your account. Make sure you're logged in each time you come to the website.